Lake Baringo in Kenya?s Great Rift Valley is a dramatically situated freshwater lake approximately 22 km long by 11 kms wide. Evidence of its violent volcanic origins is all around, and especially in the extraordinary stepped basalt cliffs to the West of the lake. It lies at an altitude of 1100 meters and is surrounded by mountains rising to almost 3000 meters above the ambient ground level in places. Beyond the northern end of the Lake rises the dormant volcano, Karosi, 1449 meters high.

The Lake is home to hippos and crocodiles as well as an abundance of colourful birds and small reptiles. Giraffe and other grazers are also present to the north of the lake.

Lake Baringo is a warm place. Visitors often feel like spending the day swimming after making an expedition to the cliffs or out in a boat. No matter where they are staying, visitors are welcome to swim and eat both at the beautiful Lake Baringo Club and Soi Safari Lodge, and may also make a lunch-visit to Island Camp which includes transport and swimming.